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Senior Services

Senior Services for Midland & Odessa, TX


As people age, having access to resources to help them stay healthy and live independently is a top priority. At Recording Library of West Texas, our services are designed to benefit senior citizens who are visually impaired. It is our goal to help you remain independent by allowing you to do the things that you love, on your own. It is important to us that the seniors in our community are still able to read on their own, even though their vision has declined.


We offer more than just books for leisure! You can find magazines, newspapers and even the weekly grocery ad. If we don’t currently have what you would like to listen to in our library, please don’t hesitate to ask for it. We have a dedicated group of volunteers, who come in to record on a variety of subject matter.

  • Our Podcasts are another way to learn by listening. With so many programs to choose from, seniors can select topics they are interested in to listen to at their leisure.
  • Tune into Live Radio and find out what’s going on locally and nationally. Seniors can easily access the latest broadcasts on our website.

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At Recording Library Of West Texas, one of our goals is to provide equal access to information for our senior citizens here in Midland, TX. If a loved one in your life could benefit from our senior services, we encourage you to reach out today.