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Become a regular volunteer today! Students, earn Legacy Scholarship hours!

Our volunteers are a group who believe that education and printed material should be accessible to everyone. We have a constant need of volunteers to read general subjects such as history, psychology and literature. We also need individuals who have a thorough knowledge of any science or technical subject such as law, medicine or engineering.

We ask that you have a willingness to commit approximately two hours a week, during library hours of operation, on a regular basis. When you volunteer at the Recording Library of West Texas, you will leave with a smile on your face, knowing that you helped someone. We first ask volunteers to come in and record an audition. Don’t worry – this isn’t as scary as it may sound. You’ll simply read a few paragraphs. Our new state-of-the-art digital system makes recording easy. All volunteers are thoroughly trained in how to record digitally and reading techniques.

Basic Requirements for Narrators:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Voices that are clear and distinct.
  • Ability to sustain energy over a long period of time.
  • Voices that are free of mannerisms such as lip smacks and other oral and guttural interference.
  • Skill in securing proper emphasis.
  • A sense of timing and inflection.
  • Ability to read in a conversational manner.
  • Ability to retain a collective understanding of the material.
  • Ability to dedicate at least 2 hours per week minimum. ( you can make your own schedule!)

We always need individuals to review our books. If reading out loud is not exactly your cup of tea but you love to read, consider becoming a book reviewer.

Basic Requirements for Reviewers:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Good vision and hearing.
  • Exceptional listening skills.
  • Ability to offer objective feedback and criticism as well as appropriate solutions.
  • Sensitivities to the technical and aesthetic challenges involved in translating a printed text into the spoken word.
  • Fluency in the language in which the text is printed (English or Spanish).
  • Broad literary background, strong research skills.

The Reviewer operates the Media Player software to listen to the recorded material. The reviewer’s job is to insure a quality recording by scouring the audio for errors in narration, unwanted noises from the recording booth, and general misrepresentation of the author’s intent. The reviewer’s objective criticisms are crucial to the production.

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us at 432.682.2731 or e-mail  We are also on Midland Volunteer Connections.




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Sam, one of our student volunteers.



Midland high school students have the chance to earn community hours for scholarships at Midland College. One of our volunteers won $500 in an essay contest, writing about her experiences volunteering for us. Please read here.


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Sarah, one of our Legacy Scholarship Student Volunteers


Volunteer Get together

Volunteer Get Together


Steve Knapp-Volunteer

Steve Knapp-Volunteer